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Some people take poker very seriously. If you've ever watched the World Series of Poker or any televised poker tournament, you know that there's a lot at stake in a big poker match, sometimes millions of dollars. But other people take there poker with a grain of salt; they love the game but they realize that it's not a matter of life-and-death. This type of poker player finds three card poker games appealing. They like the new poker variant because it still relies on traditional poker hands, but it's quicker and easier and less stressful than a real, full-blown poker game.

Nowadays, you can play almost-real poker against real opponents. You sit in a virtual poker room and you and your fellow players are represented by simulated figures. This is as close as you can come to real poker and it even has some of the intensity of a real poker game. For people who like their poker with a lighter touch, online video poker for money is the perfect solution. When you play video poker online, you play against the computer. You still need to know the rules of 5-card draw and you still need to know the hand rankings but you don't have to get all tied up in knots every time you sit down to play.

These and other poker variants are a breath of fresh air for poker amateurs. Online casinos offer loads of poker variations that can be thought of as poker-lite. There are dozens of video poker games, and tons of poker offshoots like 3 card poker, pai gow poker, Caribbean poker, and Omaha poker, just to name a few. Online 3-card poker is a particularly easy game to pick up and learn and so it's a big favorite of recreational poker fans the world over. You don't have to be a pro to master it and you don't to have the killer instinct to win. All you have to know are the poker hands and how to have a good time.

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